How am I doing?

I was thinking about my grandkids the other day.  I do this quite often.  I was trying to assess how good of a Papa I have been.  The thoughts made me think of the grandparents I had and what I remembered that they did for me. 

Sad to say, both sets of my grandparents spoke Italian and none of the grandkids did.  This severely hampered any type of close relationship that we could have with them.  The only things I could remember was that my father’s father always gave me the pennies he saved.  My other grandpa taught me how to make a little toy from a walnut shell.  That’s it.  That’s not good enough for me. 

I want to be the Papa that my grandkids love to be around.  The Papa that plays with, teaches life lessons and is always there to listen to them.  That’s the Papa I want to be. 

So how am I doing?  Well, obviously, not good enough.  I really need to start zooming or calling my grandkids.  Showing them that I love them and am really interested in them, even if I am over 1,000 miles from them. 

So, the God I love and serve is one who loves me even when I mess up.  Who cannot love me more or less just because of my behavior.  He is a God who wants the very best for me.  I want to be that kind of Papa to my grandkids. 

God, help us always to remember what you did so that you could have a relationship with us.  Then, let us realize that most of us need to work harder at building relationships.  Parents, spouse, partner, kids.  All of them.  Help us to learn that the urgencies in our life should not take precedence over relationships.  I know that’s a hard one God, but we are trusting you to help us in this area.  And yes God, thank you for loving us.  Amen. 

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