Are You coming in too hot?


When I hear that phrase, I think of a boat approaching a dock going too fast.  Or a car or motorcycle approaching a curve too fast.  Google explains the phrase as someone who is very angry.  But recently, I had an experience where I came in too hot, but it wasn’t related to any of those areas.  My wife and I have been married for 47 years and she is still trying to teach me the correct way of doing some household chores. 

Recently my wife and I, who are not big sports fans, bought team shirts to support our granddaughter who plays softball.  They finally arrived in the mail and my wife washed them.  Trying to be the good husband, I thought I would iron all the laundry which needed it and belonged to me.  The first item was my team jersey.  My wife specifically told me to iron this on the lowest setting and iron it inside out.  I thought I was following her directions, however, rather than setting the iron on the lowest setting, I set it on the highest setting.  As soon as I touched the iron to the shirt, the sleeve disintegrated.  Gone!!! Melted to the iron.  In 2 tenths of a second, I had ruined a brand-new shirt.  I came in too hot!!!

God knows we can become very passionate about somethings and if things go wrong, we will come in too hot.  So, he warns us about this.  Psalm 37:8 states:  Stop being angry! Turn from your rage!  Do not lose your temper— it only leads to harm.    There are over 325 references to anger in the scriptures.  That might indicate that we have a real issue with it. Be careful that you don’t come in too hot!!!

Dear God in heaven above, help us always to remember that you are the one who directs our coming and going.   You allow us to get into situations where we are tested.  And so often we fail the test.  Help us to pause before we react.  Keep us from causing harm to ourselves or others that can be a result of us coming in too hot. 

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