You call yourself a Christian?

This was a devotion I used a few months back with the agency I am a chaplain for. I hope it makes you think.

This devotion could have been entitled: “You call yourself a …..” (fill in your own blank (father, mother, law enforcement officer, etc.) or “Do you measure up to others’ expectations?”

The story is told of a driver who was approaching a traffic signal and the light had just turned yellow.  They could have accelerated and easily made it through before the light turned red, but they decided to stop.  The tailgating person behind this first vehicle was furious.  She was honking her horn and screaming in frustration as she had missed the opportunity to get through the light, dropping her cell phone and make-up in the process.  Still in mid-rant, she heard a tapping on her window.  She looked up into the face of a very serious police officer.  The officer arrested her and took her to jail.  She was searched, fingerprinted and photographed before being placed into a jail cell.  The jailer eventually came to get her out of the cell and brought her to the arresting officer who was waiting with her personal belongings.  The officer stated:  I’m very sorry for this mistake.  You see I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn and cursing a blue streak at the other driver.  I noticed the “What would Jesus do” bumper sticker, the “Choose Life” license plate holder, the “Follow me to Sunday School” bumper sticker and the chrome plated fish emblem on the trunk, so naturally, I had assumed you had stolen the car.

Look in the mirror and try to determine what you do as a ______ (father, mother, police officer, chaplain, etc.) that doesn’t measure up to expectations. 

God, I know we should not be so concerned with pleasing others as we should be about pleasing you.  Show us where we fall short of your expectations of us, and help us to change. 

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