Expect the Unexpected

When I came up with this title I thought about when my wife and I were raising our kids. The new school year would start and sure enough, there was always something unexpected. 

I know that many of you have had events in your lives, even this past year, that were totally unexpected.  A relationship falls apart.  A loved one dies. A close friend has a near fatal accident.  On and on it goes.  It never stops. 

But there are also positive events which are unexpected.  Your daughter makes the school basketball team.  A new person becomes part of your family.  Your rich uncle dies and leaves you 1.4 million (yeah, right!!).  You get the picture.

The thing is that nothing is unexpected by God.  Think about that.  He is never surprised.  Not when we fail.  Not when we succeed.  Not when we are born, and not when we die.  He knows it all. 

So, when something hits you that was unexpected, look up to heaven and know that God’s got this under control.  It did not take Him by surprise. 

God, we can smile at You when life brings us things that are unexpected, because we know You are smiling on us.  Thanks for loving us God.  You’ve got this.   

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