You want me to do what?

What do you do when you decide to do something you have never done before?  Or maybe someone (maybe even God) suggests that you do this new thing. 

That has happened to me recently.  It is scary.  Very scary.  Especially if you have to demonstrate to the world that you now are able to perform this new task. 

Even though my father was a police officer, when I became a police officer, I had little if any experience with firearms.  Well, proficiency with a firearm is pretty important when you are a police officer.  It was a skill I had to learn and learn quickly and learn well.  My job literally depended on it. 

As a police officer, during a career of about 30 years, there are many who will never even have to ‘break leather’ with their firearm.  There are others who seem to get into lethal situations often.  There are many factors which contribute to this, not the least of which are the hours and locations you work.

In any event, you must always be prepared to immediately use deadly force if the situation warrants it.  That means you need to keep honing that skillset and not let it deteriorate. 

I can’t think of anything more traumatic for any officer of the law than to have to use deadly force.  In addition to the obvious injury or death to the person who is the recipient of the deadly force, I have seen the results of the use of deadly force destroy officers, families and even communities. 

Yet, at this time in our history, unfortunately, it is a necessary action.  When it hits, the brain starts off with “You want me to do what?”

Whatever situation in life you are in, be aware of the possible actions you might be called on to take.  Hopefully it will not be drastic like the use of deadly force, but it may very well be something that will scare the bejeebers out of you!!!

Hang in there.  God’s got even this!!!

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