What Now!!!

2020 is ‘in the bag’!!! If you are reading this, you have apparently survived.  It seemed like all year long we were just waiting for the next thing to happen and one more of our personal favorite things to do in life would be challenged.  I’m almost 69 years old and events like JFK and MLK getting killed, and 9-11, the year 2020 will remain one of those memories we don’t even like to think about. We are people of habit.  We usually don’t like unplanned changes, unless we win the lottery or something.   It takes us awhile to learn to adapt to the changes.  Think of travelling by air – I still hate to take off my belt and shoes!!!  

So now we have had an election and Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.  I was listening to some ‘prophetic’ people the other day and they are saying that God told them Trump would still be president for 4 more years.  As much as many of us might like to see that happen, with my earthly eyes, I just can’t see that happening.  Was I surprised at the outcome?  Yes.  Was God surprised at the outcome?  No.  Nothing surprises God.  In fact, if you are fearful of the results of this election, then you do not realize that ALL authority comes from God.  Just as Paul states in Romans 13:1: Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.  That means your authority as a law enforcement officer and the authority of all rulers, including the president of the United States, all come from God.  He can put someone in a position of authority that he chooses to.  He can also remove anyone from authority that he wants.  So, the plans of man are vain, if God’s will is not in it. 

This might be hard for you to swallow, but let’s think back to the first time we read the story of Abraham, when God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  First God tells Abraham that He is going to use Isaac as his heir and that his heirs will be as numerous as the stars in the sky. First Abraham can’t understand how this is going to happen, as he and his wife Sari are both long past parenting years.  Then, after Sari miraculously gives birth to Isaac, God tells Abraham to take Isaac up a mountain to kill him as a sacrifice.  This of course makes no sense whatsoever to Abraham, but he is obedient and does what God has told him – that is until the point where God intervenes and stops Abraham from carrying out the act.   Did God know what he was asking Abraham to do?  Yes.  Was He surprised at the outcome?  I don’t think so.  This was a test for Abraham.  The test showed Abraham, that no matter what the Lord asks you to do, do not doubt Him, but follow through obediently!!

There are so many other events in the Bible which encourage us to trust God – don’t doubt.  Even when it all looks so wrong…God is still in control!!!! 

Be Blessed.  I will try not to wait so long before I blog again. 

***If you are from the Polk County area and want to fellowship with other male police officers, contact me.  I meet with a group of guys on Saturday mornings.  If you are a lady and are interested, I have a female minister who is doing a study with the girls.  Let me know and I will get you in contact with her. 

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