I saw this article from Police 1 and thought it was perfect for LEOs today. Enjoy:

As someone who has been successfully retired for 14 years after an active 33-year career in law enforcement, I’d like to share that successful retirement is a bit like finding that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Today’s newsletter features a variety of resources to help you find that pot of gold. Here are some quick tips that have worked for me.

Financially: Don’t let people and circumstances inspire you to get mad and quit suddenly. Mad is temporary and quit is permanent. Most people I know who quit mad, eventually regretted their rash decision. If you can weather the storm, it will pass, and you too may discover a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: a retirement with full benefits.

Even with full benefits, to financially retire comfortably you will probably have to take on at least a part-time second career. Choose a second career that you love almost as much as law enforcement. For me that was training and writing. Make sure it’s something you enjoy.

Physically: To survive your career and enjoy retirement, maintain an ongoing fitness routine. Working out used to allow me to outrun criminals; now it allows me to outrun my grandchildren.

Emotionally: To maintain emotional health I recommend you find a balance of faith, family, fitness, friends, fishing-like pastimes and finding the positive in every circumstance.

Know that these hard times we are going through in law enforcement will pass. In the meantime, keep fighting the good fight, while knowing it is indeed a good fight. When the time is right, retire, fully prepared to enjoy what you have so courageously earned.

Stay safe,

— Police1 Columnist Lt. Dan Marcou (successfully retired)

4 thoughts on “Retire?

  1. Excellent advise. I have a friend who loved the job but succumbed to the often asked question by his peers “why don’t you retire?’ He did and regretted it to this day. If you are still enjoying “the job” stay where you are.


  2. What’s retirement?that’s funny you really think about it RETIREMENT is doing what desire to do not what you HAVE to do with everyday you have a choice , SERVE


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