12 hours of making decisions for everyone else, and then…

Most of the folks in patrol work 12 hour shifts. Throughout the day, for a 12 hour shift, they take call after call. Most calls are for you, a police officer, to help citizens who have reached the end of their resources (mental, physical, spiritual, financial, etc). It doesn’t matter that the couple you are supposed to give marriage advise to has been married 35 years and you just got married last month. It doesn’t matter that the couple is having problems with their 14 year old daughter in school, when you don’t even have kids. It doesn’t matter that the victim has a problem with their neighbor not cutting their lawn when you live on the third floor of a condo you rent. YOUR life experience doesn’t matter. You need to have “all wisdom for all people”. No matter the circumstances. Then, when you get home, your partner has issues too: The washing machine quit working. The car got a scratch. The toilet is clogged. The dog threw up in the laundry room. STOP!!! You just want to stop and let your brain rest. Rest from making any more decisions!!! What do you do? How do you handle that? Do you crash into your favorite lazy-boy recliner and yell: DON’T BOTHER ME!!? I heard of one guy (not me) who drives into his driveway and before he goes into his house, he hops on his motorcycle and rides for about a half hour, just to clear his head. Or another couple who have decided they could only talk about work for 30 minutes, and then they had to face their personal issues. Whatever you choose to do, however you and your significant other agree to handle life, you need to come to an agreement. And stick with it, as long as that solution is working. When it quits working, decide on another course of action. Your partner really does want to have your six. Help them understand how rather than assuming they know.

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