Understand the Politics

Given the current situation in this country, why would anyone want to become or remain a police officer? Although there are many reasons, there are usually two main reasons:

  1. The Law Enforcement Profession is an honorable profession and
  2. We like helping people. 

Law Enforcement today, is more ethnically diverse, intellectually rich and professional than it was in 1975 when I started, or it ever was.  I can remember as a night shift Lieutenant, the local media outlets would call about 0530 hours every morning to see if something “juicy” went down.  If it wasn’t a rape, murder or other heinous crime, they didn’t want to hear about it.  Why?  Because that is what sells!!!  So, if you do something that really helps society or a person, don’t expect it to be on the front page of the Ledger. 

Politicians blame poverty for rises in crime, then they institute programs and reforms to ‘fix’ the crime, and when these solutions don’t work, they blame the police.  It is a vicious cycle that the American public is sold every 4 years before election time. 

There are many retired police officers, like myself, who would gladly, if we could, jump into a patrol car and stand shoulder to shoulder with you.  Because we know the service you provide is done in honor.  Never forget that You are the HONORABLE ones in our society.  Holding the thin blue line and watching the “six” of each other.  Stand firm, stand true, know that God is with you and we will all come out of this just fine!!

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