Blog Introduction


Well, this is just what we need. Another retired cop / chaplain trying to make a name for himself! Trying to convince us his way is best or that he knows everything!!!

Believe me, I struggled with that for some time. And I came to the conclusion that I could put my voice out there and if cops were interested, they could listen. If not, they would never again log into my site.

The good news is that I will never sell you anything on this site. That is not my purpose. My purpose of doing this blog is merely to encourage conversations that will help us through this journey we call life, as Law Enforcement Officers. Hopefully we can learn from each other, and maybe even help each other. I am definitely not one who likes to re-invent the wheel. If you have experience in a certain area and I do not, I can learn from you. If I have experience in a certain area of life and you don’t, maybe you can learn from me. I figure that all this grey matter is just going to go to waste when I die anyway, so why not share it?

I will let you know up front that I am a father of three adult girls, and have been married only one time, to my wife of 45 years. So I come to you with that kind of experience.

If you have a question, you can post it, and I will let you know if I have any knowledge / experience in that area. Possibly, someone else might.


Any name calling or other hateful speech will not be permitted. If you want to tell me you disagree with me (or someone else’s post), that is one thing. You cannot call me or anyone else derogatory names because they don’t understand you or disagree with you. Any posts that are not civil or are defamatory will be removed. Don’t go off on a string of 10-codes since many agencies have different codes. If you state a position, give your reasons for your position. That way we can evaluate and discuss. Understood? Good. Now, let’s have some fun!!!

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