Right and Wrong


Greetings to all.  I am considering this my first blog post as the previous one was simply to lay down some ground rules. 

Thanks for tuning in. I hope you have checked out my “About” page so you know who I am and where I am coming from.  ‘Where I am coming from’ is an interesting concept.  Everyone is ‘coming from’ a different place.  We may have some similar experiences, similar likes and dis-likes, but everyone is different than the next person.  That is one reason I try very hard to not criticize another person, because I cannot understand exactly where they are coming from.   This is why our society has such a hard time nailing down right from wrong.  We have a very diverse society.  Diverse economic incomes, diverse educations, diverse ethnic groups, on and on it goes.  Our country is in the state it is because everyone has their opinion of what is right and what is wrong based on ‘where they are from’.  And various people have their own ideas as to how to make their opinion of right and wrong the rule of the land. 

I invite you to share what your beliefs are regarding right and wrong, where we get that measurement from, and WHY you believe that to be true.  The WHY is very important.  If you are going to say your way is right because that is what you have been taught or that is what you believe without providing the ‘why’, then, possibly your way is not right. 

Let us think!!!

3 thoughts on “Right and Wrong

  1. Good for you L.T., I wish you success in this new adventure and hope others will share their views and experiences. You were always a trusted gentleman in a less than gentle profession.


  2. I want to welcome all of you who have been brave enough to follow this blog. I don’t know where it will go, but I think we will have fun going there.
    Years ago, I was brought up that you always went to church on Sunday. I began to question that and finally was able to say to my parents: Why do you believe what you do? Their answer was what I had anticipated. It was because their parents had taught them that. And the same for their parents and on and on it went. That is when I knew I had to find out if this god they talked about so much was true or not – for myself.
    I’ll spare you most of the details, but in 1974 I came to a point in my life where I believed that the Jesus of the Bible was the true God. I saw Him work in my life in so many different ways. I saw Him work in other people’s lives.
    But I don’t want you to believe what I think. Do the research yourself. See if the Bible is reliable and accurate. There are many documents of which there are numerous copies, which verify the authenticity of the Bible. There were eyewitnesses not only to the existence of Jesus Christ, but also of the crucifixion and death of Jesus. And there were those who saw, spoke with and ate with Jesus after His resurrection. These documents date back to about 70 A.D. The Bible, 66 different books bound together, written by 40 different people, over the course of about 1500 years, from 3 different continents, and yet all of these writings mesh together to verify not only the existence of Christ, but the Divinity of Christ. And as far as ‘documentation from the WEB’, don’t even bother. I hope you are wise enough to realize that anyone with a computer and a keyboard can put anything out there that they want. That is why I strongly recommend that you do the research for yourselves.
    For those of you who would like, here is a very short list of some resources for research: (I strongly encourage)
    Evidence that demands a verdict, by Josh McDowell
    Seeking Allah, finding Jesus, by Nabeel Qureshi
    The Case for Christ, a true story by Lee Strobel (This is also available as a movie on DVD with study materials)
    Until next time, be safe, stay healthy, and may God protect you.

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